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Human Solidarity

By Fiachra Brennan Reports of human tragedy and disaster are unfortunately all too common. Most of time, they happen to people we have never met in places we have never been. Three disastrous events dominated my newsfeed last weekend – The shooting in Christchurch, the stampede in Tyrone, and the impact of Cyclone Idai. These […]

10 years of SERVE & Young Africa Mozambique

By Chris O’Donoghue I couldn’t imagine it…standing with Gerry and Catherine from SERVE on a site 10k outside the City of Beira with Raj and Dorien from Young Africa listening to them talk about their plans. They spoke of the blocks for light and heavy industry, the camp site for volunteer groups, the hostel for […]

SERVE & Redemptorist Kerala Appeal Update

By Fritz Hanrath The recent floods and landslides in the Indian State of Kerala have caused an enormous and an unbelievable amount of damage and loss. 8,000 houses were destroyed, 26,000 became uninhabitable, more than 400 people died and over 1.3 million people had to leave their homes. SERVE working in partnership with the Redemptorists responded […]

An Open Letter to Every Teacher…

By Rachel Lynch Dear teachers, Today, on World Teacher’s Day, I would like to say THANK YOU. Thank you to every single one of you. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Thank you for your compassion and empathy. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Thank you for your creativity and enthusiasm. Thank […]

Friendship Village: Vietnam

By Shauna Regan I don’t think a name could be anymore fitting for a place than The Friendship Village. Located on the outskirts of Hanoi, created to house and help victims of Agent Orange, The Friendship Village is simple a place of peace. Not only have I seen friendships between volunteer and child but I’ve […]

Education in Vietnam

By Shauna Regan Education. It is singularly one of the most important words in Vietnam and I feel quite special to have added to it a small bit. It holds a value in Vietnam that I have never seen in any other country. Like the director of CSDS once said to us; ‘Education is the […]

Dear Returned Volunteers…

By Fiachra Brennan (South Africa & Mozambique 2013, Philippines 2016 & 2017, Vietnam 2018 and Silver Global Citizen Awardee) “Be the change you want to see in the world”…and, if you can’t be that change, then either get out of the way of the person who wants to be that change or support the individual […]

Goodbyes never get easier

By Elaine Houlihan This time last year I never thought I’d be back in Bangalore this soon! Of course I always planned on coming back, but in my head I was taking this year off and coming back hopefully in 2019 after graduating college. Well that was the plan anyways but low and behold I’m […]