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The Dreams of Youth

By Cormac McCarthy-Hann Mozambicans don’t do hopelessness. A conversation with a Mozambican of any age, gender or socio-economic background will make it abundantly clear that hope is at the heart of everything they do. To be hopeless in Mozambique is to be an anomaly. In the aftermath of Cyclone Idai, which devastated the vitally important […]

Resilience in Beira, Mozambique

By Ciaran O’Donnell On the approach into Beira International Airport it was observed that the city of Beira, with its 500,000 occupants, is precariously situated on a delta like estuary of the Pungwe and Savannah river. This coupled with its closes proximity to the Indian Ocean makes the city of Beira extremely vulnerable to extreme […]

You Don’t Need to Move Mountains to Make a Difference

By Ciaran Daly We’ve been working about five days a week for three weeks so far, and we certainly haven’t moved any mountains but I do feel we have made a positive impact. On the Beira campus we’ve taken down old fences, dug some trenches, pulled up some trees, and we’re in the process of […]

The work ethic in Beira and Dondo, Mozambique

By Ella Archbold Throughout the work we got to do on the Young Africa campus, both in Beria and Dondo, the strong and patient work ethic that both students and staff had really stood out to me. The students were always extremely eager to learn and wanted to work to their best ability, even if […]

Healthcare and beliefs in the Badjao tribe

We would like to extend our thanks to both Venerva and Janice who sat and told each of us their stories throughout our time spent with the Badjao. Venerva and Janice have both given full permission to share their stories here. By Hannah Coady In a perfect world, losing a loved one or battling an […]

Experiencing Beira, Mozambique

By Orlagh Henry When I arrived in Mozambique three weeks ago I had no idea what to expect from this experience. This morning when I woke up, I still had no idea what to expect from the day. Beira is unlike anywhere I’ve been before and continues to surprise me day in, day out, whether […]

Final Week in Morning Star

By Amy Considine and Aisling Moran Before leaving Ireland, one month in India seemed daunting but it has passed by so fast it is difficult to separate the days and the mix of emotions we feel. It will not be until we arrive home, until we begin to tell our stories of Morning Star, that the […]

Final week in APD

By Sile Byrne, Michelle Cannon and Zara Hennigan As curtains fall on our experience in India, we reflect on the whirlwind of the last 4 weeks. Leaving home on the 10th of July this day felt so far away. Now it is upon us there is an element of disappointment to be leaving, satisfaction at […]

Effect of arranged marriage in the Badjao

By Jessica Farrelly For many people in Ireland their wedding day is the most significant day of their lives, with months of planning and excitement leading up to it. For many of the Badjao people this is not the case, in traditional Badjao families women are only told that they are getting married a few […]

Boat Making in the Badjao

Ciara Sheehan The Badjao are a plethora of amazing things, strong, caring, smart. They also happen to be exceptionally skilled Fishermen and boatmakers. Once a nomadic sea tribe they settled in Cebu in the 1960s and have since remained on land. However they have not forgotten their roots and still rely heavily on the sea […]