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The Dreams of Youth

By Cormac McCarthy-Hann Mozambicans don’t do hopelessness.…
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The work ethic in Beira and Dondo, Mozambique

By Ella Archbold Throughout the work we got to do on the Young…
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Experiencing Beira, Mozambique

By Orlagh Henry When I arrived in Mozambique three weeks ago…

Final Week in Morning Star

By Amy Considine and Aisling Moran Before leaving Ireland,…

Final week in APD

By Sile Byrne, Michelle Cannon and Zara Hennigan As curtains…

Effect of arranged marriage in the Badjao

By Jessica Farrelly For many people in Ireland their wedding…

Boat Making in the Badjao

Ciara Sheehan The Badjao are a plethora of amazing things,…

Where there is a will there is a way

By Zara Hennigan The journey began on July 10th as I set off…

"Rehabilitation is a Bridge Spanning the Gap"

By Sile Byrne In the lead up to departure my mind danced with…
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A Personal Reflection of my time in Morning Star

By Amy Considine It began with a simple idea months ago. That…