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SERVE volunteers promoting disability inclusion

By Fiachra Brennan SERVE is guided by the vision that every individual, regardless of their ability, should be able to reach their potential and make a meaningful contribution to society. SERVE’s volunteer programme plays a key role in delivering our mission. Volunteers are assigned with the goal of building partner capacity, fostering global solidarity, and […]

SERVE and Sumanahalli

By Fiachra Brennan Sumanahalli, meaning the Village of People of Good Heart, is an organisation based in Bangalore, India. Their project offers integrated social, educational, and healthcare supports to the most marginalised and stigmatised groups in society. Their work particularly supports people living with the after effects of leprosy. Discrimination and social exclusion are widespread […]

Thank you Mr. Timbini

By Cormac McCarthy-Hann Vernam Timbini is a 38-year-old man, married with two young daughters, from Zimbabwe who joined SERVE in 2008 and has been working for the organisation in Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe ever since. Trying to give Vernam a job title is no easy task. He is everything from a construction site manager to […]

Disability Awareness for School Children (DASC) Programme, India

By Fiachra Brennan Disability Awareness for School Children (DASC) is a pioneering initiative by the Association of People with Disability (APD) in Bangalore, India. The project aims to tackle stigma and discrimination towards people with disability (PWD). It strives to do this by engaging school children in sensitisation training, an experiential learning experience that allows […]

Sports Day in Vietnam

By John Reilly As part of our volunteering programme in Vietnam, we are heavily involved in the education in the local school. This will last for the period we are here and we aim to be as active as possible. Teaching in these classes can offer a variety of different experiences as the ages range […]

Reflection on my time in the Philippines

By Kyle O’Sullivan My recent trip to the Philippines, even though it was tough was a great experience to have. The only time I ever really heard about the Philippines was from being in school with people from the Philippines, being neighbours with Filipino’s who are living in Ireland, or even Manny Pacquiao as both […]

The Dreams of Youth

By Cormac McCarthy-Hann Mozambicans don’t do hopelessness. A conversation with a Mozambican of any age, gender or socio-economic background will make it abundantly clear that hope is at the heart of everything they do. To be hopeless in Mozambique is to be an anomaly. In the aftermath of Cyclone Idai, which devastated the vitally important […]

Resilience in Beira, Mozambique

By Ciaran O’Donnell On the approach into Beira International Airport it was observed that the city of Beira, with its 500,000 occupants, is precariously situated on a delta like estuary of the Pungwe and Savannah river. This coupled with its closes proximity to the Indian Ocean makes the city of Beira extremely vulnerable to extreme […]

The work ethic in Beira and Dondo, Mozambique

By Ella Archbold Throughout the work we got to do on the Young Africa campus, both in Beria and Dondo, the strong and patient work ethic that both students and staff had really stood out to me. The students were always extremely eager to learn and wanted to work to their best ability, even if […]