SERVE Volunteer Programme

There are no longer spaces available for our 2020 Volunteer Programme. Keep an eye on our website and social media for details about our 2021 Volunteer Programme.

SERVE Volunteer Programme 2020

The Basics

We are recruiting volunteers for our 4-week overseas placements, which take place from early July to early August.

This year, we are offering placements in

– Bangalore, India (FULL)

– Beira, Mozambique (FULL)

– Cebu City, Philippines (FULL)

– Hanoi, Vietnam (FULL)

– Mazabuka, Zambia (FULL)

  • Volunteer on sustainable development projects.
  • Support the work of our local partners.
  • 4-week placements from early July to early August.
  • Live and work in teams of 8-12 volunteers, led by 2 experienced leaders.
  • Strong emphasis on development education.
  • Comprehensive pre-departure training, in-country support, and debriefing provided.

Who Can Be a SERVE Volunteer?

SERVE volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Applicants must be willing to get stuck-in, open to learning about new cultures and perspectives, and able to live and work with a diverse group of people. Minimum age for participation is 18 and you must be finished secondary school.

What work will I be doing?

SERVE volunteers take on a variety of roles and each placement is different. Placements are always planned in response to the needs of the local partners and can change on a yearly basis. Click on the individual country tabs to find out more.

How much does it cost?

Participants in the SERVE volunteer programme are required to raise a minimum of €2,995. This covers flights, insurance, training, and in-country project costs. SERVE also uses these funds to make grants towards furthering the work of our overseas partners. Fundraising support is provided at the training days.

More details below…

Do I need vaccinations?

Volunteers should consult their doctor for expert medical advice. Vaccinations are at the expense of the individual volunteer and should not be fundraised for.

Is there training?

Attendance at pre-departure training is a mandatory requirement of the SERVE volunteer programme. Training sessions take place at our offices in Blackrock, Cork. The sessions will on the following dates:

  • 22nd February 2020
  • 18th April 2020
  • 23rd May 2020

Volunteers must also attend a debriefing session which takes place in October.

Is volunteer recognition provided?

All volunteers who participate fully in the entire programme of pre-departure training, in-country placement, and debriefing will be awarded a certificate in recognition of their participation.

Students can often use the volunteer experience to meet the placement requirements of certain courses. This is a discretion of the college and it is the responsibility of the individual volunteer to check if the volunteer placement meets college requirements.

All volunteers are encouraged to take part in the Global Citizen Award, an Irish government funded programme that recognising the role played by international volunteers in fostering global citizenship. More information can be found here.

You can find out more about our SERVE volunteer placements below!

SERVE Volunteer Placements

Programme Fee and Costs

The total cost of the 2020 Volunteer Programme is €2,995 / £2,650.

This fee covers the costs relating to

  • Flight
  • Travel insurance
  • Pre-departure training and support costs
  • Main meals, accommodation and transport overseas
  • SERVE Next Step Weekend (food and accomodation in Ireland)
  • Funding grant to the partners

Please note that the above price does not include the cost of your vaccinations, any day-to-day personal spending money, or any activities undertaken on time off at the end of the project.  Visas for these countries may be required to be obtained before departure or in some circumstances can be obtained on arrival in the destination airport.  All visas to be obtained will be at each individual’s expense (You are not entitled to fundraise for these elements).

Programme Fee – FAQ’s

You have to raise a minimum of €2,995 / £2,650 (inclusive of your non-refundable deposit of €200/£200).

This covers the costs relating to your flight and travel insurance, pre-departure training costs, in-country support and your main meals, accommodation, transport while on your overseas placement, your attendance at the SERVE “Next Step” Weekend following your return to Ireland and a grant to the overseas partner with whom you will be placed.

Fundraising support and workshops will be provided extensively during the pre-departure training days and on request at any stage throughout the process.  Many Volunteers have managed to greatly exceed their targets in recent years.

Many of our Volunteers raise sums over and above their €2,995 / £2,650.  All of the funds raised above the target amount go directly to our Project Country fund; this provides financial support to our partners, enabling them to deliver on projects which the volunteers will work on.

The €2,995 / £2,650 participation fee primarily covers the running costs of your placement. If you do not raise this amount, you will have to forfeit your place. However, if you are having trouble with fundraising, you will have the support of both SERVE and our volunteer network to help you to reach your target.

For further information about our 2021 Programme and how to apply contact or visit us at one of our information sessions around the country.